Nick Symmonds is the fastest man in the U.S. at 800 meters. This past January, in an effort to take a stand against the current sponsorship restrictions in professional track & field and, in the process, attract national brands, Nick used eBay to auction off his left shoulder with the offer to display a sponsor’s Twitter handle in his races leading up to the Olympics.

Hanson Dodge Creative won the bid. They produced a new web site for Nick, and put together an exclusive video series that was released throughout the 2012 Summer Olympics season.

In this first of three videos, Nick takes us through a day in the life an Olympic athlete in training. He explains how his efforts on and off the track have helped him reach his lofty goals, and shares his perspective as both a professional athlete and consumer on the current state of athletic sponsorship and what it's like to work toward a position on the 2012 U.S. Olympic team.

Videographer/Producer: Manny Marquez
Editor: Me

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