Celebrating the life of
Jenimarie Magdaleno
July 11, 2012
was the day that changed all our lives.
I held your hand and kissed you, goodbye.
We both kept our promise to
each other, and for that
I am proud.
Love never dies, so I know your
spirit is here with us.
it's beyond loving you.
There just isn't enough words to describe.
I love you Boo Boo Head...
I am thankful for having such a
speical connection with Ma'Jen
I love you more
than life itself...Mom
~Tani wrote: "Thank you Lynn Moore, Josh Arneson and Alisha Felix-Saldivar, there was a reason why we all met. I saw Joshes video in 2010 after Jen came home. She saw me crying and asked what i was watching? I said nothing and closed my laptop. I didnt think she would be ready to see it and all josh went thru, but who am I to stand in the way of Destiny? : ) Oneday Josh saw Jens video and Alishia contacted her. I came home from work oneday and Jenimarie Magdaleno told me she met a guy named Josh from him seeing he youtube video. When I saw who Josh was, I was in amazement.
You all became apart of her journey giving her love and support. And Lynn you gave me something only another mother could give.........true understanding as to what i was going thru as a mother losing her child. I am forever greatful and i love all of you."~~~~~~

Words from Tani....

Every part of life has changed, yet each day is the same, not having you here with us,Jeni always said to me,

"Mom , if something happens and I don't make it, Please remember to donate what you can from me."

I kept my promise and someone received her eyes and various part and things from her.

I would love to look into her eyes again, thorough the recipient.

~Jeni never got, but she gave. ~

Jeni would like nothing more than for her friends and family to continue

helping others and reaching out to others in need of a transplant.

Please give the gift of life and become an Organ Donor...

Please keep her family in friends in prayer....We miss her so much!

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