Every Jewellery Brand has a history only precious few Make History, like Kashi Jewellers

Kashi Jewellers has a legacy of over the 60 years.

House of Kashi have always been leaders in quality, purity and value.

We have been known for our forte in designing and manufacturing .We take great pride in declaring that all the jewellery featured on the ramp today has been designed and conceived at our In house design studios and then manufactured at our state of the art manufacturing factories.

Kashi Jewellers is the only retailer in India to have won the President of India National Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing . In addition to have won several other National Awards.

A Women’s jewel is her chastity, her beauty, her purity, her natural instincts, and this is where our inspiration comes from, that is, nature, which has been taking care of all the living beings in the most simplest, purest and selfless way.

So do we symbolize a woman, the mother nature, that divine angel of God ,for the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world.

Nature, is a good name for an effect caused by God, so here we are , showcasing our angels with beauty of nature, embossed beautifully in the diamonds and various colored gem stones, enhancing the beauty of womanhood

Showcasing Palash !

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