This is just an old file that I’ve had for a very long time. Once I ever get the chance, I will make a higher quality version with much more clips. This version is sort of a preview of what I’m going to upload in the future.

I took these with the Sony HC1 in August of 2005.

Back in 2002, I shot a few scenery scenes with a 1 chip JVC Mini DV camcorder while on vacation in the Azores and although I later bought the Panasonic DV953 thinking that I might be going back in 2003, it never happened because I was stoplossed. I couldn’t leave the military in around June like I originally planned even though I was injured and couldn’t go to Iraq because of that. I mean putting me in Iraq in crutches would not have been a good idea. I eventually left in the 9th September 2003, but the though of going to the Azores when summer is just ending seamed like a bad idea and a waste of money. I eventually went to college and about 1 to 2 weeks before I graduated, I bought a Sony HC1 to take with me to the Azores in 2005. In December 2006, it fell off my bed, and suddenly stopped working properly so in January 2008 when I needed to take an emergency trip to the Azores because my Grandmother had been getting sick I had no choice but to get myself the Aiptek A-HD camcorder and you‘ll see those shots in another one of my videos on Vimeo. By the way, the DV953 got somehow lost while I was on the train around a year after I bought it.

Anyway, it seams very awkward that in the summer of 2005, I went their with an extremely popular HD camcorder and in January 2008 I went their with the Aiptek A-HD. Next time I go their, I just got to have an expensive camera with me and the Panasonic HPX3700 would be an excellent choice. Realistically, I’d be happy with either the Panasonic GH1 or the JVC HM100.

OK, I hope I didn’t bore some of you.

Update August 31th, 2012

I arrived in Sao Miguel and have shot a ton of footage with a hacked GH2 and will be posting a version with 2012 clips. The video quality will look much better than this one that I shot with the Sony HC1 and I can't wait for everyone to see it.

With that said, I did have tons of extra clips from the Sony HC1 when I was in the Azores and I never gave myself a chance to edit the rest together..Since I will be posting this new version that was shot with the GH2, I'm not sure how I'll post the rest of the older version.

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