Marjan + Samir's Wedding - Could two individuals be more perfect for each other and the camera? Could a bride be more beautiful inside and out, and not stop smiling all day long? Could a groom be any happier and full of life and love from the second he laid his eyes on his future wife? When it comes to Marjan and Samir, and their incredible wedding day, everything fell into place perfectly.

After meeting by sheer chance through his music in England, where Marjan is from, Samir brought her to the states and together they started their love story. To say their big day was amazing would be an understatement, as there was a unforgettable moment around every corner. Not only are Marjan and Samir beautiful + handsome outside, but they have heart filled with so much love and joy.

From the instant I saw Marjan at the salon for the getting ready photos, she greeted me with a huge smile. Together with her bridesmaids and mom, all the girls were super relaxed and enjoying each others company. We had plenty of time to not only get shots of the details but Marjan doing her hair + make-up plus getting into her dress. I just loved how she picked the perfect salon to get ready at! And right outside was Samir, who was super duper excited (to say the least!) to see his bride.

Their first look, even though it was right off the sidewalk, was one of my favorites EVER. The look on Samir's face when he saw Marjan was truly magical. From the tears rolling down his face to the biggest smile I've ever seen, it was wonderful seeing a groom let all his emotions out (taking notes here :P). I just loved how Marjan and Samir blocked out all the pedestrians, cars, cameras...and even the details of the wedding...and only focused on each other.

From there, the day just kept getting better and better. We had THREE hours for portraits of just Marjan and Samir. It's rare to get anywhere close to this much time with the bride and groom. Usually, the bridal party and family are around, guests start showing up to the venue, and random folks start bugging the couple. But for several hours, it was just Marjan, Samir, a few of their bridal party members to help them out, and the photo + video crew.

I can't thank Marjan and Samir for putting a high priority on photos. I must've bugged them at least 3 dozen times on Friday, and not once did they asked to be left alone or not smile. What was really awesome is anytime we had the camera on either/both of them, Marjan and Samir knew exactly what to do in front of it. Not once did they hesitate to show their love and affection for each other :).

Then there's the epic wedding ceremony and reception at Skirball Cultural Center. The place was decked out with amazing floral, up-lighting, and Samir's musician colleagues who totally rocked the ballroom. The ceremony was really touching and hilarious at the same time, as Marjan and Samir took turns reading their vows (first time I've ever seen this). They even danced their way in and out of the whole thing!

And the reception could be summed up in one phrase: NON STOP DANCING FUN. I love Persian weddings for many reasons, but that has got to be on the top of the list. From the moment Marjan and Samir had the grand entrance (close to 9PM) all the way to the flower petal dance (around 1AM), the dance floor was filled up and the band was totally rocking out. Being a musician himself, Samir got on the stage and sang a few of his songs to Marjan and the guests.

I'll remember so many things about this wedding, but one thing that sticks out is how much I felt like a guest. Marjan, Samir, and their bridal party really went out of their way to treat me like an old friend showing up to document this amazing day. Samir kept telling me how grateful he was that I was their photographer, Marjan was her super sweet and beautiful self every time I had a chance to chat with her, and a shout out to the bridal party for being awesome to work with, especially the groomsmen + the best man (I never had anyone at any wedding ever asked me if I wanted something to eat or drink as much as he did - really appreciate it buddy, congrats to you and your fiance!).

So hopefully from all my rambling, I hope it gives a sense at how grateful I am to Marjan and Samir. For not only choosing me to be their photographer, but putting a high priority on photos and really allowing me to do what I love on their wedding day. Thank you both and I sincerely hope this isn't the last time we get to work together; I'm pretty sure it won't be ;).

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