After returning home and recuperating for several days my health has recovered 100%! I start this video off by announcing my intentions to RETURN TO THE PCT!! Hooray! :D
So as promised, here is my gear video for 2012. I go over every major piece of gear and clothing I brought with me during my hike this year and share my thoughts on the quality/necessity of each item. If you're planning a long distance backpacking trip but aren't sure what to carry, this video is just for you!
Also, this ended up being a little longer than I expected, so I've split the video up into 2 parts. Part 1 covers my backpack, tent, sleeping quilt, rain gear, stove, and hydration system. Part 2 covers clothing and miscellaneous items.
Thanks to everyone for being so patient while I sorted out my technical problems. The rest of my videos for the season should be posted daily without interruption once again.

*EDIT*: I accidentally say that my backpack is an "external frame" when I meant to say "internal frame". Big difference between the two!

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