Fear is something we experience when we are not sure of something or when we revisit something that may have put a negative marking on us in the past. Fears of taking part in tradition, applying foreign substances, preforming our passions the external eyes, approaching provoking waves, washing away our masks and revealing our true selves, experiencing extraterritorial events. We overcome these fears by experiencing them. We take steps, and some of us charge with haste. We overcome these fears with or without knowing that we will come out on the other side.

Skylark Sisters

Dancer & Choreographer:
Beau Dobson

Art of Music Video
Spring 2012
Professor: Mitch Goldstein
Virginia Commonwealth University

Directed, filmed and edited by Zenzile Sky Lark
I do not own or work with "Boom Clap Bachelors" or any of their works.

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