Pedal, Powered, or Both!
The Sport rides like a traditional bicycle with the added benefit of power when it’s needed. Lots of people like the idea of riding a bike to work or for fun, but are intimated by the physical demands of only having pedal power. With the Sport, riders can cruise up to 20mph with the electric motor and never break a sweat, pedal when they want to get some exercise, or use both pedals and power together to extend battery life for maximum range. And although the Sport offers both power and performance, it is still a bicycle with no license needed to operate, nor is there any requirement for vehicle registration or insurance.

Viable, reliable, everyday transportation.
Whether commuting to work or cruising the countryside, the Sport is engineered to be tough, reliable, and easily serviced.  The sleek steel frame is manufactured to handle the added weight and stress put on it by the electrical propulsion system and utilizes industry standard bicycle components easily serviced by a trained bike mechanic.  The propulsion system utilizes the latest battery technology, and delivers the power and range to get riders where they need to go for pennies a day. The Sport can be fully charged in 4 hours using a standard 110V household outlet and delivers enough juice for a range between 30 and 40 miles of powered riding. Voltage has partnered with AllCell Technology for battery systems. Their patented technology produces batteries capable of over 5 years of everyday riding and re-charging before needing to be replacement.

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