Nathan tells a story about the day we went to Chesil Beach. Mainly what he did was to write this story, and mainly I filmed things to go in the story.

PS He did lend it to me.

This was filmed on the Samsung VP-HMX20C in 1080p25, then down-rezzed to 720p for Vimeo. No colour correction, just custom white balanced on the narrative-to-camera shots (in-built "sunny day" settings for the rest). Forgot to pack a real polariser, so held my polarising sunglasses over the lens to get deeper sky blues and to penetrate the water better. Used the on board mics, so sound (Wind Cut set to on) not utterly brilliant, since I couldn't get close enough, but it was a day at the beach after all, and it was hot, I wasn't going to lug all my usual gear with me. Blimey.

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