This is a loose experiment using illucia with aalto by madrona labs. First I use illucia to control aalto, then I patch data from PCO (a ball&paddle game) into aalto, thus making a videogame control a synthesizer.

Gory details:

The first half of the video: illucia controls parameters on aalto (the patchbay triggers different aalto presets). aalto is a really nice synth, and it especially opens up when married with a physical controller.

In the second half, I bring in PCO (a game in illucia's software suite with paddles that block moving balls).
Before the clip, I had pre-patched the Y position of colliding balls into parameters on aalto. As the second half starts, I patch illucia to activate ball generation oscillators for PCO. Then, as those balls collide with paddles, their Y positions get sent into aalto, effectively using a videogame to control a synthesizer. I let it sit for a while just to see what strange behavior and sounds emerge when patching these two usually-unrelated programs.

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