These time-lapses were shot in London using a Canon 550D/kit lens with Magic Lantern software to test ML software capabilities, differing work flows and to compare final images.

The first two episodes were shot using Magic Lantern's intervalometer that was configured to take a picture every 5 seconds.

A sunset in Limehouse was captured as a 2592x1728 JPG sequence and processed with AE.

A Brick lane sequence was shot as a 5180x3456 (could not be reduced) RAW images. I was able to import it to AE using CameraRAW.

Hide park corner was filmed using Magic Lantern's FPS Override to 1 frame per second.

As a result I found that shooting with ML FPS Override renders tiny file sizes compared to RAW (~100 times) and even JPG (~5 times); It also gives a much smoother image, producing nice motional blur, although it could have been achieved in other episodes using ND filters and longer shutters; a down side to this was that it gave the lowest quality of all, but not far behind JPG method and I find it usable.

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