In 2005, a group of trolls from the forum 4Chan raided the children’s online game called Habbo.
This was the beginning of the Internet hacktivist/troll/hacker collective called “Anonymous”.
Famous for their massive collective of raids, hacking and an action called DDOSing (Distributed Denial of Service attack) Anonymous has gained international notoriety for a multitude of Internet attacks for both fun and sometimes for activism aka hacktivism.
In the past year there were a number of DDOS attacks on Mastercard and Visa, a number of Middle Eastern government sites such as Tunisia and Egypt and even the FBI.
One of the ways the DDOS attack was done was to use a program called Low Orbital Ion Cannon (LOIC). This is not exactly a hack, but a simple program that sends an overwhelming amount of traffic to a site, rendering it inaccessible.
There is a ritual in this process and that is what “Voodoo People” is about.

“Voodoo People” brings to the public the reality of what Anonymous does but by the way of a staged fantasy.
Anonymous is a collective of hundreds of thousands of people; it is a concept that cannot be adequately defined by current perceptions and standards of reality.

Any portrayal of Anonymous is going to be a staged one.

Incorporating some stage design elements of Tony Nelle’s use of flowing fabrics made sense as his connection with fighting fascism and using stage design for his own ideas of activism fit well as the set up for this piece.

Sitting between the clock and the glass head placed the “Anon” between the elements of time and the haunting image of his own conscience as if he were placed between the pillars of Jachin and Boaz.

The humor elements of the piece are in the simulated smoking of illegal substances from a pipe, the clip of the 4Chan video fame-chick “Boxxy” and the insider hacker recognition of the popular German energy drink “Club Mate’” which is rapidly gaining status as the official energy drink of hacker collectives world wide. The song “Voodoo People” by Prodigy is also from the soundtrack of the 1995 movie “Hackers”.

Special Note:

All acts are simulated. No illegal substances were used in the filming of this piece. Any member of the cast and/or crew took no illegal actions nor should their depiction constitute an admission of such by any member of the cast and/or crew.

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