If you’re pregnant you have heard that eating certain kinds of fish are good for the baby and other kinds are not.

Seafood Facts When you’re Pregnant:
1. Fish Oil Supplements, EPA, DHA, and ALA research shows how good this is for brain development, preventing postpartum depression. But too much is not always best!

2. Only if you do not eat any seafood would I recommend taking one fish oil supplement per day.

3. Take a prenatal vitamin every day during childbearing years-yes, it’s a long time!

4. When you do eat fish during pregnancy look for low mercury usually found in Salmon, Smaller Fish (sardines), White Fish, Cat Fish, Tilapia, Small Cod, Lobster, Clams, Bass ( Striped, Black), Carp, Cod ( Alaskan), Croaker ( White Pacific), Halibut ( Pacific and Atlantic), Jacksmelt ( Silverside), Mahi Mahi, Monkfish, Perch (freshwater), Sablefish, Skate, Snapper, Sea Trout , Tuna (canned, pink, chunk light), Tuna (Skipjack), all contain less amounts of mercury. Mercury is the toxin that can build up and is not good for your baby.

5. Fish not to eat during pregnancy due to high mercury levels are Shark, Swordfish, Tilefish, Marlin, Mackerel (king), Tuna (bigeye, Ahi).

6. Do not fry your fish during pregnancy as this give extra fat and calories that are not needed.

Eat your seafood during pregnancy it’s an awesome source of protein to include the healthy fats. Make sure your seafood is fully cooked and never raw.

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