What is vexatious?
Sometimes the ignorance is vexatious, the stupidity is vexatious, the arrogance is vexatious. The soul is vexed when is tied to routine. The soul is vexed when is destroied, when it is abandoned. The man is vexed when he doesn’t know how to express himself, when he’s repressed. Is irritable “the art“ made in talents shows that tie the pure art.
Vexatious is out of timing, is the cacophony and the strenght of movements, are the scenes follow one after the others. Vexatious is also the repress necessity to make art, the only way for hope in a best society.

Vexatious deals with the story of an Italian artist who moved in other country in search of fame and fortune. The new conutry gave him a warm welcome and everything he wanted. But soon the success he gained became greed and he forgot what counts most in a man’s life: the capacity to love. After losing everything he had, even his talent, he learnt that only love can make you build a bridge across the ocean.
Vexatious is a performance about it, music by Joan Sebastian Bach and Olafur Arnalds, coreographies by Enzo Celli

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