Radio Rezistans The Maroon voice.
zili dlo water project. Ezili danto talks abut her water project in haiti. and other topics.

2:15 Ezili talks about the zili dlo project. wich is a project to bring clean water to haitians. without no NGO's.

3:28 Electricity project.

6:20 The barefoot mouvment from India. solar project

10:20 Solar project . Having woman mounting solar panel.

14:40 Providing true help. where people are self sufficient. not like caracol.

clean water , sanitation, solar cooker .

19:00 better to provide clean water to everyone than to spend money in help and vaccines.

27:20 South korea building sweatshops in Haiti Caraclol 6 billion dollar project, In what was supposed to be a protected area(bio diversity).

30:00 Haitian farmers being pushed out of there land.

32:00 Why Haiti is being chosen for sweatshops?

35:40 Environmental concern Caracol bay.

37:00 Oil in Haiti by Caracol bay. 20 billion $ worth Gold .(the most gold in the americas)more oil then Venezuela.The Capitalists power use a technique name switch and bate , to get people to accept the stuff they do.

40:00 sweatshop started in the 80's on baby doc government.

41:15 foreign investment in Haiti means death and repression . .

44:00 Us as client states and South Korea is one of them.

49:20 Ngo's in Haiti Ezili talked about resources and ngos's back at a conference in Ottawa. everything she talked about in 2008 are now facts.

53:00 How is the popular movement in Haiti right now?

1:00:00 how to know more about Ezili water project and solar project and how you can help.

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