This my favorite wedding film so far! Not only was it wonderful shooting for Chris and YooJin, but it was also a tremendous personal accomplishment for myself and our team. This film is the culmination of everything we’ve learned so far about visual storytelling, aesthetics in motion and evoking feelings through moving pictures and sound.

When I finally finished the edit two weeks after their wedding — having spent over 10 hours in the editing room — Faye and I watched it together and we realized we had created something very special. We showed it to Chris and YooJin and all their guests at their Chinese banquet that same night and our feelings were confirmed. The entire restaurant — including the staff working — stopped in their tracks and were totally absorbed by the film. We saw just how much our work affected the audience and I realized right then that I was experiencing a pivotal moment in my life. Something special was happening, and I became very emotional.

Days later, Chris emailed me and told me that his friends were STILL talking about their film. I was so happy that we had made such an impact!

At that start of this year (2012), I started my very own photography and cinematography company which is now known as Picture and Color Media. P+C is my baby and I have spent literally every waking moment outside of regular work obsessing, envisioning, buying and testing equipment, discovering techniques as well as shooting and editing. This new passion has become my entire life! So finally being able to complete a film like this where my technical ability, my equipment and my team were able to deliver exactly my creative vision after SO MUCH hard work and preparation… this is a big moment for me and I want to thank everyone who has been supportive of us along the way.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have so far completed video work for the University of BC, Beyond Sound, an unnamed celebrity at his private function, Keith Roy and Associates at MacDonald Realty, developer Mosaic Homes, harpist Rosanna Chiu, Colliers International, Colon Cancer Canada, a documentary about Amazon best-selling writer Martin Crosbie, and 4 weddings with one more on the way. It has been a wild 9 months and there are still several yet to be completed projects in our production pipeline! Most of all, we have made every single one of these customers very happy.

As much as we enjoy and excel at the commercial, documentary and real estate work, it is the wedding realm that has remained the most elusive and most challenging to me. After all, there are no retakes or redo’s. There is a lot at stake. Audio is paramount. During the ceremony especially, it takes a tremendous amount of coordination with multiple cameras shared by several different operators. We have to be discreet.

With this wedding, we’ve been able to accomplish exactly what I envisioned many months ago and that is to deliver world class production value, powerful visual storytelling, rapid edit turnaround, and emotional engagement in a wedding film. We are very proud of this work!


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