The following is a guest lesson provided by Chris H. (reddit username: Kristofmic).

In this video series we'll follow along with solutions to the advanced homework for the VBA Purchase Order Generator Walkthrough.

In Part 1 of the homework solution, we develop enhancements to the purchase order worksheet enabling users to input as many entries into the purchase order as they would like, as well as dynamically selecting and removing items that have been added to the purchase order.

You will learn how to do the following with Visual Basic (VBA) in Excel:
- Inserting and deleting rows & columns using the .EntireRow / .EntireColumn and .insert / .delete functions
- Expanding a selection of cells using the .resize() function
- Moving to various cells in the worksheet using the .offset() function
- Copying and pasting values and formatting using the .copy and .pastespecial functions
- Additional Usage of For...Next loops

Here is the updated Purchase Order Generator file to follow along with the lesson:

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