Video. Car. Bike. Boat. Jet. Truck. Sales.

In conjunction with Video Sales Network (VSN), we provide the No.1 consumer videos and websites in automotive, marine, motorbike and aviation classifieds.

Our videos are proven by leading industry insiders and experts to increase engagement, leads and sales.

Unlike current, old fashion aviation industry jet portals that are advertising and data driven, we are more like an expensive jet magazine in video format. We incorporate new technology like mobile device compatibility, whilst still incorporating all the expected services and more required to assist buyers with their purchases using new features never seen until now.

We provide our technology and services to new, wholesale, auction and the private sale jet, car, boat, bike and truck industries as the world's first TV quality high volume, low cost video production company.

Now every new vehicle in stock can have its own unique, original content and it's very own 3 minutes of fame to truly showcase it to prospective buyers.

Our video platform creates content-rich videos for every aircraft in your hanger, highlighting desirable features creating an emotional buying experience.

What you get in your Video

Our production technology integrates:

Your logo for enhanced dealer branding
Dealer imaging
Contact information
Music that matches the style of the vehicle
Scripted call-to-action
Location maps
Graphics and text
If viewed on a phone, the viewer can also dial the business number as a voice or video call.
Our technology produces ads from still photos and converts these still images into moving video clips matched with your written copy and human voice over; upgrade to a fully written script to have it delivered by a professional live presenter.

The unique aspect of this video based business model is that videos can be produced from anywhere in the World and camera crews and production teams never need to visit a location or business advertiser. The client can be anywhere in the world.

The production is all automated with on demand with scalable capacity.


Once produced, these videos can be used anywhere and everywhere you want including:

Mobile Devices
Social media sites
Landing page for Google
Email marketing
Online advertising campaigns
Even as a CRM tool, as well as being distributed to the retailer's website, we also utilize online classified sites such as eBay and the leading jet sale portals as well as video search engines and
You are also free to send out the video to your database of enquiries waiting for such a vehicle to become available via your email marketing or direct to their mobile via shortcode SMS.

Videos are delivered at high speed through our Global content delivery network (CDN) of over 100,000 servers worldwide.


Reach further and attract more buyers with leading video SEO technology.

We deliver a regular mRSS feed directly to Google for indexing.

Google loves video and our video site mapping is formatted and uploaded to help Google find your video content so they can index and rank your videos in their search engine results.

Our process, along with our YouTube distribution, ensures your top SEO results are always maintained and never lost.


Creating the video for you is only part of the solution. has also created a world class enterprise platform to help increase online shoppers' level of confidence so they choose to contact our jet retailers at a higher rate.

Our technology helps retailers provide an entertaining shopping experience for their customers with the goal of increasing their level of confidence within the dealership.

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