Here we have the first installment from the Gisburn Trail Volunteers' Hops n Drops Skills Day with Trail Motions.
The day was arranged so that regular dig day attendees could get something different in return for their efforts, and any money raised by non-volunteers coming on the course was given to the Trail Builders Group via PMBA. (Penine Mountain Bike Action)
As always, it was an absolute blast working on skills using many of the different trail sections.

Thanks to Craig Knacker Smith for tagging along, helping out and putting some of his own style into the coaching sessions.

We looked at getting the wheels off the ground independantly before moving on to small drop off's and jumps. We also got chance to have a play on the Blue Berms, the staircase on Home Baked, and the log ride section, before we headed off to the Hope Line.

Everyone did a great job on the day so, well done lads!

Top marks for Tyler (who's 14) who got the longest manual of the day and also to Ant Roy who pulled off an awesome bunny hop and managed not to take off my head when he had a sketchy moment on the Hope Line. (footage in part 2)

Awesome stuff!


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