A short profile of tropical primatologist Andie Hui Fang Ang and her work towards conserving highly endangered colobine monkeys in Việt Nam.

With 25 species of primate, Việt Nam has the highest primate diversity in SE Asia. The country, smaller than California, is also home to over 88 million people.

Conservation is not easy.

Yet Andie's work, in coordination with local conservation groups, may just be able to help the colobines.

Andie's work is supported by:

Professor Bert Covert
Professor Rudolf Meier
Dr Hoang Minh Duc
Le Khac Quyet
Rangers and researchers at Hon Ba NR, Khau Ca SHCA, Kien Luong, Nui Chua NP, Takou NR
The Center for Biodiversity and Development, Vietnam
The University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Anthropology
The National University of Singapore, Evolutionary Biology Lab
Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund
A Ferris Graduate Research Award
& a Beverly Sears Graduate Student Grant

For more on Andie's work, please visit: sites.google.com/site/andiehuifangang/

For more on At Films, please visit: atfilms.info

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