My workflow:

• Dropped footage into AE, keyed w/ Keylight, Colored with Colorista II, blended with PHYX Lightwrap

• Added cheesy snowy background from Google image search

• Colorista II on background

• MB Looks over top of both

• Optical Flares for slight texture and to make sense of the backlight on his hair

• Grizzly bear - you can't see him, but he's behind that tree and about to eat this guy


I didn't adjust anything when the subject's lighting changes, I was only concerned with the quality of edges, fine lines such as hair, and how well the image held up at 1080p after being keyed/colored and exported. Feel free to download my QT movie. Believe it or not I compressed it really high quality and it still only came out about 22MB.

Thanks to John Brawley for providing the source footage to tinker with. As someone who does a great deal of green screen work, this answered a lot of questions I've had, and probably means I just bought a BMC. : )

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