I approached UCF sports video & pitched them an idea for their 2011 Basketball Intro. Once they awarded me the job I put together a team of some of the best motion graphics & film students on campus. What would follow would be one intense month that evolved 100s of man hours planning, in production, & in post. The project involved 3 different departments (Film, Digital Arts, & Recording Arts). This was truly a team effort thanks to the following people.

Creative Team
Aziz Dosmetov: Design, Animation, 3D, Roto, Concept
Jesus Suarez: Design, Animation, Roto, Concept
Scotty Swemba: Design, Animation, Roto, Concept
Chris Schaeffer: Storyboard, Concept
Handel Eugene: Producer/Director, Design, Animation, Roto, Concept,

Film Team
Daniel Keener: Co-Director
Alex Allgood - Camera Operator
Jordon Loope - Camera Operator
Lindsay Young - Grip, Electric, Assistant Camera
Michael Frye - Grip, Electric, Assistant Camera
Mike Rutherford: Head of Production
Bobbi Degnan: Head of Production

UCF Production Team
David Belawski: Director
Brian Fernandez: Camera Opp

Joe Liptock: Sound Design

(This project was created with absolutely no budget, just a group of students wanting to make an awesome portfolio piece with the support from our school.)

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