I popped on down to see Troy at the Just Aircraft factory down in Walhalla, South Carolina. I was searching for the little treacherous strip at the factory when I saw a familiar set of wings scooting across the treetops!
I looked up the nearest airport's frequency and Troy was listening to it. We celebrated the mid-air reunion briefly...Then I looked down. Fifty people from the local EAA chapter were standing in a line at the top of the runway. I really wanted to land so I could get a quick video of Troy landing at sunset, but that's a lot of pressure--50 people with cameras at the end of a 400 foot strip with a steep grade! Me and my camping gear made it in and Troy said something about making him look really good with my landing. Nobody died, so i was pleased as punch too.

He came in and smacked it down really good. Then held a press conference.

I had to stick around camp SuperSTOL another day to get more smackdowns on video! I must have witnessed about 50 of em. Now, by harnessing my laptop and synching it with my blender, and uploading the product to the net, you to can witness the smackdown. The nuttiest part is that most of these 'smackdowns' were shot at 84 degrees F with a 2 to 3 mph quartering tailwind coming up that hill. Usually when you try to make a STOL video you cheat and find some cool headwinds.

Come getchee some.

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