1, using the polygonal grid feedback of a low rez dynamesh to guide the curve flow of your forms and quickly establish lines for areas of details such as mouth and eyes.
Using project when re-dynameshing at low resolutions will allow you to keep these lines in places to help establish detail when you're ready to up resolution

2, Using polish and project when dynameshing to quickly establish a stronger sense of line and planar definition in the early stage of your sculpt after establishing the sketch of the main relationships. These planar changes can be further enhanced using "mask by smoothness" to apply a mask in the enhanced lines/ hollows then sculpt up against these masks to quickly guide and enhance detail.

Polishing this way is similar to the median filter in photoshop and how it breaks down the form in harder tonal plane breaks. This greatly assists with finding a character quickly as well as quickly pinpointing your flaws at the initial blocking out stage with regard planar changes.

ZBrush4R4 used in this demo.

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