Themes: Commitment, Structure, Relationships

Tim Rollins and K.O.S. led a one-day seminar for artists and educators who work in participatory
settings. The seminar was open to artists from all art forms, and the day explored how the artists'
methodology could potentially apply across disciplines and in other settings.
Including an exclusive tour of key works from Talbot Rice Gallery’s exhibition The Black Spot, Rollins
and K.O.S. introduced their practice from its roots in the South Bronx to recent projects and artworks
including The Black Spot (after Robert Louis Stevenson) and On the Origin of the Species (after
Charles Darwin, new works completed on site in Talbot Rice Gallery with young people from across the
Lothian Region.

Tim Rollins and K.O.S are an artist collective from New York who create original artworks inspired by
classic novels, speeches and music. K.O.S were founded by Rollins in 1981 when he was working as
an art teacher in the South Bronx.

Since the formation of K.O.S, works by the group are now part of prestigious private and public
collections across the world including the Museum of Modern Art (New York); The Tate Gallery
(London) and The Hirshhorn Museum of Art (Washington D.C).

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