We follow Wilderness Guide and International mountain leader, Stani Groeneweg on his daily quest to enjoy the great outdoors. Stani’s passion and interests are the mental, physical and practical skills and knowledge that enable man to survive and thrive in this worlds natural wilderness environments. He has guided people from all walks of life into the wilderness; from Military Personnel to Photographers and from CEO’s from a world leading oil company to TV personalities.

He has acted as Survival Expert and Safety Consultant on various TV productions, guiding TV crews and cast from -50°C in Canada to +45°C in Namibia. Providing safety in remote wilderness areas or performing as Wilderness Skills Expert on screen.

His aim is to spend as many time outdoors as possible; perfecting his wilderness living and survival skills, climbing, running, hunting, trekking, mountaineering or checking out the local natural lakes and rivers for a swim.

More about Stani can be found on stanigroeneweg.com and nomadicguiding.com

Gear used:
Video is shot on a hacked GH2, Flowmotion 2.02
24Fps Cinema mode, (almost) no color grading.
Lens is a original Iscorama Anamorphic adaptor, Pentax mount.
This was actually our first try-out with the lens, never used it before this shoot.

We used the original 50mm, f2.8 taking lens for all shots. Some shots are sharp, other not that sharp but keep in mind....this is a vintage 1968 lens! Also the fact of having the 50mm only at f2.8 (and higher) was a hassle.
Used diopters for close-up shots
Tokina diopter +0.4 in combination with cheapo +1, +2, +4 diopters.
VariND 72mm
Tripod and mini slider

Love the anamorphic lenses but the workflow is a pain in the ..... but more to follow :-)

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