Adobe wanted a series of videos for their website that showcase the products in their eLearning Suite 6, which helps educators and students create HTML5-based content. The tools in the suite are used for application simulation, product demos, digital imaging, animations, and audio production.

The goal was for the videos to present the information about the products in a compelling and authentic way that encourages customers to learn more and consider investing in eLearning Suite 6. Adobe wanted the videos to focus on workflow and how the products are used rather than specific features and details.

Magnet Media shot original interviews with several Adobe employees and educators that use the eLearning Suite 6. For a more authentic video, no talking points or rehearsed media sound bytes were used. Instead, the subjects were well versed in the eLearning Suit and spoke freely about how the software allows them to easily make engaging and interactive lessons. To remain consistent with Adobe’s brand guidelines, as well as the authentic feel of the interviews, Magnet always used b-roll of the products in action. Screen capture was never used. Magnet also used Adobe’s software for all post-production work.

The marketing team at Adobe liked how the videos turned out, and they have received a great response. One of the videos is featured prominently on eLearning's web site, introducing visitors to an overview of the product. The videos have gotten around 70,000 views on the Adobe eLearning Channel, and Adobe only expects that number to grow.

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