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Drinks Made Easy Presents: How to make a proper black velvet.

The "proper" Black Velvet was created at the Brooks Club in London in 1861 to mourn the death of Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert. What you need to make this drink are the following:

1 can of Guiness Draft
a Champaigne flute
a spoon larger enough to pour over

Unlike the black and tan or the poor man's black velvet, you actually pour the Guiness in the bottom of the Champagne flute first ( about a 1/3 of the glass). Make sure you tilt the glass so you do not create a head on the Guiness. Again, unlike the black and tan or black velvet a head on the Guiness actually hurts your pour and makes it difficult to get a good separation between the Champagne and Guiness. Next, pour, very carefully, but with confidence, your Champagne over your spoon (angled down slightly). Fill to the top and enjoy. NOTE:make sure you choose a champagne that has a little sweet to it, the dry ones tend to bring out the slight bitterness of the Guiness.


Created and Produced by:
Mike Quick

Hosted and Co-Produced by:
Paul Masterson

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