This is a few second from my latest installation :
When I paint my hand is not led by a desire to create something beautiful. Neither do I follow the academic rules taught to art students. My true masters are children – the children I have taught and worked with over the years of my career as an art pedagogue. During that period I had the chance to observe how they would conjure up such expressive forms and colours that could speak louder and clearer than their creator, being led by an internal force without ever having been taught how to.
Certainly, not without exceptions. When over 30 years ago I started teaching at a kindergarten at Nagykanizsa, I sought in vain for these expressive drawings. I found nothing but uniformity and a deafening silence. Of the kind that is created when you press your lips together because you cannot or dare not speak. Doodles at that time and place were regarded as something to be weeded out of children. Even though the uninhibited movements of doodling are the foundation of that underground language that takes children so confidently and definitively towards creative freshness and originality later on. That is why I feel that my doodle-like pictures represent those children’s voices. And yes, sometimes these doodles are brutal and murderous. They scream and shout at times when my voice has left me.
I gave my exhibition the title “Touches or the dreams of a sleepwalker”. It is this sleepwalker who understands the world very well from the tiniest of signs and can look to the depth of it all. The revelations sometimes cause them to flee into their dream world through which the world can still be seen as a better place. Not to create a fake image but instead to uphold hope for the rescue and to preserve what good there truly is to be found.
This other dimension is where only angels and children walk, feel and see, children whose naivety and innocence still remains - the hope for the world. (Translated by: FLORA D’SOUZA)

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