Over the past few years, PCI compliance in the public cloud has been a growing topic of concern and interest. Like us, you probably have heard assertions from both sides of the topic - some stating that one can be a PCI compliant merchant using public IaaS cloud, others stating that it is impossible. Join us in this webinar as our Director of Security and Compliance, Phil Cox, addresses these concerns and demonstrates how PCI compliance in the public IaaS cloud is indeed possible.

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

- Foundational principles and mindsets for PCI compliance
- How to determine system/application scope and requirement applicability
- Top-level PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) requirements and how to meet them in the public IaaS cloud

This webinar is perfect for those who are searching for solid answers on security in the public cloud. Our goal with this webinar is to educate you with the information you need to have confidence and make the most of your public cloud, while dispelling any myths surrounding the topic of security and the public cloud.

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