Kupari, a former military resort on the Croatian Riviera. Boasting multiple hotels, residences, a private bay and accommodation for almost 2,000, it now sits derelict, destroyed during the Croatian War Of Independence in 1992.

Earlier in 2010 I found myself filming in Dubrovnik. Since I was so close to Kupari I managed to escape for a few hours and wandered in and around the buildings with my slider, starting with the most destroyed and working my way towards the most intact. Unfortunately I chose to do this on the same day a heavy storm was due to hit the shore.

If you don't know, It's not wise being in a shell-shocked crumbling structure when the wind is strong enough to rip glass from the frames and throw it at you. As such I only had a short period to film before it became too dangerous to stay, but this is what I managed to get in that short space of time.

Filmed on the Canon 5D Mark II , Canon 24mm F1.4 II , Canon 50mm F1.4 , Zeiss 85mm F1.4.
Soundtrack by Revelse (Played at 50% speed)

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