According to Driftwood, this patch is "an attempt to simulate a process that turns the codec into the equivalent of 4:4:4 encoding."
I felt like a kid on the morning of Christmas when I installed it, shot with it and viewed on on my Mac.
Yup, it's definitely the best GH2 hack I've seen.
GH3 is now out with all the trumpet fanfare, and I don't think it can capture the moments better than GH2 with this hack -- not until it gets hacked as well someday.
With slight color grading, it delivers amazing filmic quality. There is plenty of detail in the shadows and NO blown highlights.
Each clip has 2 sections -- first part of each cut is without any color correction, then it wipes to reveal color correction/grading to give it a little zip.

Shot with 20mm Pancake, wide open at f1.7.
Color graded with Colorista II
Music: "Thank You Mom" by Romeeck

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