A conspiracy begins to unravel in which Noctis and his friends become entangled.

*Note* Due to Vimeo's Upload Limitations, this videos quality was downgraded from 1920x1080 to 640x480 (ironically, this file was the largest of the 5).

Plot Description:
"Noctis Lucis Caelum - A prince of a modern kingdom cursed with the sight to see a light shining in the presence of death. He reaches for that light - a light that whispers to him of a living reality outside his own digital fantasy; a light that constantly reminds him that the world he lives in has not moved forward, still dying in its own secrecy; a light that he has hoped to grasp in over 6 years, but its dim radiance, his fingers have yet to taste.

Accompany Noctis and the Versus XIII universe's journey to struggle through Square-Enix's oppression. What will he find when he finally grabs hold of the light? Will it be despair? Anguish? Hostility? Or will this universe finally find freedom from its tightly-clasped chains and make it into our welcoming hands?"


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All videos uploaded thus far have a few errors due to negligence, but because they're of mediocre quality, I didn't bother to try fixing and re-rendering them. Kind of pulling a Square-Enix - make multiple mediocre releases in place of a quality one.

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