Only change itself is real, constant and eternal flux, like the continuous flow of the river which always renews itself.

This video came to me from nothing as magic, while biking along the river Po near the Ostiglia power plant (Mantova, Italy)
I found this couple extremely expressive, communication in the incommunicability, closeness in the distance.
While I was recording unnoticed, the music I used in this video was playing in my headphones.
The scene, the couple, the powerplant, everything seems still, but actually everything slowly flows by the river
The birds, the ship, my fellow bikers, my thoughts synchronize moment by moment.
I didn't tell anybody to do anything, everything just slowly happened at the right moment.
Magic moments happen.

video & edit Fabio Di Donato
music Alpha - A Perfect End - Stargazing (2003)

"I can't believe you're here
Did you know you found me alone?
If I could count the years
I end and you begin

I share your dreams
It's like I see for two people
Did I give up on mine?
You can do much better

I can't believe we're here
Or I'll fall much further than this
The terror lies in us
But tells the truth in me

He's overrated
And though it appears to be
I make my home in thee

It's out of my hands, it's out of my hands
Can I break the mood
If there's nothing left to break?
And what of night and day?"

(following lyrics have been cut in this shortened video)

"I never need more
It's such a perfect end
A constant when I dissolve
There's nothing left to hold
I don't believe you're here
I came home with nothing left to hold"

This video has been made while I was on a biking & trekking initiative called Milano Venezia Slow towards the 3rd International Conference On Degrowth Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity held in Venice, September 2012

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