I've made the Gyroscope Live cover (Tokyo Showdown) with the guitar lesson video of Jesper and Björn on metalkult, i learn the other parts by ears
Only 2 mono guitar track

Please rate!!

Guitar: Gibson 80' LesPaul custom BlackBeauty
Strings: Elixir 68-13
Tuning: Normal C
Bass: Recorded by my Brother with an Ibanez SR 1005 EFM and MXR Bass DI( HIS COVER COMING SOON! )
Amp: Peavey 6505 with 4x12 Engl vintage (V30)
Recording with: Shure SM57 through Motu 828 Mk3
Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 3 SX
Drums: Toontrack SuperiorDrummer
Video Editing: Sony Vegas pro 9

The next song will be Hermod's ride to hel, Behind space or Zombie inc

Inflames We trust!

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