Part 2 of 3 Los Altos City Council Candidates

Part 2

00:15 seconds
Q.1 What are your views on downtown parking?

6:30 minutes
Q2. If you could accomplish one thing during your term, what would that be?

11:45 minutes
Q3. Given the recent poll results, how do you see the future of the civic center?

Q4. How would you describe your leadership style?

Q5. Would each candidate state if the own property with 500 feet of downtown, the civic center, or any other commercial area that would cause them to have to recuse themselves from voting?

Part 3

0:00 seconds
Q1. How do you feel about the current status of the First and Main Development? The right plan? The right developer?

7:00 minutes
Q2 What is your opinion of the term limits for city council? In favor of ok to run again after an interval with time off after serving? Does it need fixing?

10:00 minutes
Q3. City Council meets at least twice a month. Considering the preparation required amounts to about a 30 hour a week commitment, are you prepared for the commitment? How much time have you dedicated to public service in the past?

15:30 minutes
What are your specific recommendations on potential zoning changes for downtown, for El Camino, and for Loyola Corners? What is your desired outcome?

23:45 minutes
Q4. What are the 2nd and 3rd things you would like to accomplish during your tenure? Expand on your vision.

31:00 minutes
Moderator’s Closing Remarks

Part 1

2:15 minutes
Candidates introduce themselves and their platforms

15:00 minutes
Q1. How will you seek the input of the business community on public policy matters facing our community?

Q2 What is the number 1 business issue facing Los Altos?

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