directors: anthony atanasio + valerie martinez
dop: paolo caimi
1st ad: fabrizio sergenti castellani
art director: andrea rosso
costume: grazia materia
exec producer: giorgio borghi
producer: stefania odero
editor: stuart greenwald
music: murcof “camino”
post: alberto mantini @ you are, milan
tk: adriano mestroni @ rumblefish, milan
location: milan, italy
agency: ddb milan
creative director: vicky gitto
production company: movie magic international

picture the scene... hundreds of male and female models and extras dressed in light evening wear inside a huge subzero hangar freezing their nuts off whilst a music blares out deafeningly. in-between takes, giant space-heaters blast the crowd with warm air whilst catering provides a constant stream of steaming hot drinks. what’s my motivation....?
staying alive!

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