A drive out to explore the countryside landed Rhonda and I by the hamlet of Perrins Corners, Ontario. We stopped at a spot where there was some parking by the side of the road and saw a dried up creek. We got out to have a look around and I met Mark, who's the owner of the property. After after talking to him for a bit, he gave us free reign on his land to do some filming, even inviting us to park the car in his driveway. (Thanks for that!)

We spent an hour or two walking along the creek bed capturing what we saw in and around it. I was surprised by a few things - the pumpkin patch that was doing really well without a rainy summer and a frog just hanging out in one of the puddles that was left on the creek bed. It's always neat to see the diversity in a patch of land. From the bright oranges of the pumpkins, the purples and reds of the flowers and berries to the muted yellows of the first leaves to have fallen this Autumn.

Filmed Sept, 22nd, 2012 on my Canon XA10.

Photos: plus.google.com/photos/116335589582347620429/albums/5797398907435155537

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