aka "The Cynterview"

Interviewer - Courtney Linden
Edited by - Raymond Linden
Filmed by - Raymond Linden and Torley Linden

Cyn Skyberg guides the Second Life support teams: billing, risk management, high end, technical, and inworld support, as well as all external sales and their management. Cyn has worked in the customer relations field for 15 years, and has been with Linden Lab since 2005. Prior to working with the customer relations team at Linden Lab, she held a directorship at the San Jose Museum of Art and a senior management role at the Portland Art Museum. Her varied background includes owning a coffeehouse in Colorado, working as a telephone cable contractor across the United States, sorting osteopathic remains in a natural history museum, and managing a large travel book and map business. Cyn has a BA with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Cultural Anthropology. Her senior thesis was, amusingly, "Complexities of Human Behavior in the Prehistoric Age".

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