For the past year, the government of Sudan has been bombing the state of South Kordofan, forcing nearly half a million people to flee into caves and thousands into South Sudan as refugees.

Trapped between the two newly-divided nations, the Nuba Mountains is Sudan's remaining oil and mineral-rich state and the stronghold of an ancient civilization.

Using jet fighters, bombers and ground shelling, Khartoum has vowed to wipe the Nuba people off the face of the earth, and crush the rebellion of those who refuse to bow to their agenda.

As a terrible humanitarian crisis unfolds, the Nuba say they have been sacrificed at the altar of the peace agreements between North and South Sudan. This is the second time in two decades that they are a target of genocidal killings and they feel cheated by the world's silence.

Bowed but not broken, this is the story of resilience of a people.

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