Street art is a cross-mutation of art and Social activism , where people can express their social angst in the public forum of the streets.

This Documentary explores the UK Graffiti scene of the Late 70's and early 80's and that cross-mutation of art and Social activism at a very embryonic stage as it built it's own identity distancing itself from the NY scene. Shot in Notting Hill, it focuses on it's most influential artists in the London scene at the time.

One of the 5 featured "Fuel," was once in the U.K's top ten most wanted Criminals and had never appeared on camera until this film. Fuel along with Part2ism,SHEONE,Prime and Pride reminisce about not only how the art form has evolved but also themselves as artists.

Coming from a punk rock background I always try and incorporate that aesthetic into my work, making sure nothing is too neat or pretty. Hip Hop was for me the Natural successor to Punk with its break beats, sampling and of course graffiti,all which strongly influence my work. The seemingly lack of structure is its structure, there literally are no rules.

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