Ruben Nicolai is a famous Dutch TV presentor who has recently embarked on a new venture to set up a one-man show in several theatres in the Netherlands called Little Friday. The name of the show is derived from the English way of referring to Thursday nights as a preliminary start of the weekend ("It's little Friday") and the show is programmed mostly on this night (for more details see

For promotional purposes, Ruben and his team created a script for a promo which features Ruben entering the theatre and discussing various aspects of being on stage and the show. As a reference to little in the title, each scene features a little person.

I was commissioned by TheFameGame/Ruben Nicolai to shoot the scenes in a few hours in De La Mar Theatre in Amsterdam and subsequently edit it into both a 2 mins promo and a shorter trailer.

This is the trailer.

Enjoy & feel free to comment!


Shot on C300 (Glidecam shots on Canon 5D II)
Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 / After Effects CS6
Graded with Magic Bullet Looks

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