CEO of political network Votepedia thanking his fans for signing up to the website. Votepedia is a site aimed at empowering each and every individual. Votepedia is a non-partisan social network and online petitioning site. We want to empower you, and give the platform necessary to drive change and hold decision-makers accountable.

The thank-you video was filmed in Yellow Jacket, Colorado at a former nuclear rated AT&T long-line facility. The old data-center bunker is now home to Votepedia.


"Hi, my name is Jerry McMullin, founder and CEO of I'd like to take this opportunity and thank each for joining our unique site. Finally, we've come together.

Much like Martin Luther King had a vision, I as well had a vision; To bring all races, all political views, together under one tent. You can now visit, express your voice, your opinion, not only to your lobbyists, your political representation, but also to Wall Street and the Media.

Thank you for joining"

Votepedia's features include online petitioning, groups, forums and media sharing. It has all the bells and whistles you'dd expect in a social platform.

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