Last week we introduced the series entitled Essence.

We’re learning about the essence of our Christian faith as
individuals and our mission as a church.

Our Christian faith and mission revolves around two biblical foundational concepts: The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.

These two essential instructions move us beyond the temptations legalism of religion and the conformity in the church.

Last week we spoke about “The Greatest Commandment.” From Matthew 22:34-40 we learned that:
1. Religion will keep you close, but not close enough.
2. Religion is concerned about regulations not relationship.
3. God wants relationship not religion.
a. Love God with all of our Heart: Intellect
b. Love God with all of our Soul: Emotions
c. Love God with all of our Mind: Will
d. Love God with all of our Strength: Service
4. If you love God, you’ll love others.

Today, I want to speak to you about the mission of the church to reach our world with Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This is something we call: The Great Commission.

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