The Piung-A by Gini Rig. I love this thing, it’s amazing. That said, here are some of the details you should be aware of.

I bought this off Ebay from seller: gini-2011 -

The seller’s English is not the best, but he is very nice and very prompt. There are several sellers out there with websites and facebook pages, I only dealt with gini-2011. If you don’t see the price you are looking for on his site, make an offer of what you want to pay. No guarantee he’ll take it, but he was very reasonable when I corresponded with him and others have had success doing that.

After trying to put together the rig in the same configuration as the picture on Ebay, I discovered that I was missing two parts. Specifically two 90 Clamps. I contacted the seller and he let me know the configuration had changed. I still wanted the two parts, so he sent them directly to me (I had to pay for the extra shipping costs of $45). Seeing that these models come in so many configurations, its best to know what you want exactly before you order. Don’t rely on the photo, look at the included parts. Below is a list of all the parts I now have for my model. I don’t need all these parts all the time, but I like having them all because it has allowed me to try out new things like the teleprompter setup in the video.

1 x Follow Focus
2 x Magic Handles
1 x Apple Kit Base (Used as your camera mount)
7 x 90 Clamps (1 is used to attached the counter weight, 2 are used for the magic handles, 2 are used for the M Monitor Arms, and the remaining 2 are used to attached three rails in the front of the setup)
1 x Top Handle (Used for flying the rig)
2 x PL Clamps (1 is used to attach the Top Handle, 1 is used to attach the Shoulder Pad and Counter Weight)
1 x Shoulder Pad
2 x M Monitor Arms (1/4 20 screws at the end of each)
2 x Body Arms (These are the cage configuration pieces)
7 x 20cm Long - 15mm Rods (2 of these came with the BP-7 Baseplate)
6 x 10cm Long - 15mm Rods
1 x Counter Weight balance 500g (This is fairly light, you might want to get an extra one if you want to use the shoulder mount set up)
BP-7 Base Plate (used to attach the Cowboy Studio Shoulder Rig)

Piung-A - Original Configuration $399
Additional BP-7 Base Plate $57
Shipping $74

Total: $530

2 Extra 90 Clamps (Free after I politely discussed the discrepancy)
Shipping $45

Rod Guajardo - Cowboy Studio Shoulder Rig Part II (Great Review) -

Cowboy Studio Shoulder Rig - (This is made of plastic, but is sturdy enough as long as you don’t put too much weight on it. -

Ipad Teleprompter R810-5 with Beam Splitter Glass (This is made of wood and glass, it’s fragile, but it works for us and is the right price) The Ipad is using the ProPrompter App -

Music by Kid Meets Cougar (Best band in Vegas) -

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