Students and faculty have more events and activities to manage than every before because of technology, the Internet and expectations of doing more with less. What they need are fast, flexible and easy solutions to navigate time for greater productivity.

How It’s Different? We focus on activity management, not time management and use metaphors that are easy for anyone to understand regardless of grade or skill level.

Delivery Method: The program is delivered in short video tutorials that range from 5 minutes to 12 minutes. The entire length of the program with exercise takes between 4-5 hours.

Module 1 – Attack Your Activities: 5-activity management skills to plan, prioritize and track all activities so students can get the right things done and avoid overwhelm.

Module 2 – Attack Your Goals: Be a goal getter not a goal setter. Define, write, and achieve personal and academic goals.

Module 3 – Attack Your Attitude: Attitude is a choice. The attitude towards our daily activities can make the difference.

Module 4 – Attack Your Productivity: We’ll discuss the most popular 101 productivity strategies in the book so you can learn to quickly deal with email, distractions, focus, communication, meetings, and interruptions to increase your productivity.

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