Dallas Texas was the 5th stop of the Texas Skate Series. After the first spot in Denton, Tx, weheaded to the second spot where we were kicked out and then followed by the police to the back up second spot. After being told we were not allowed to hold the event and being followed by the cop again all the way back to a near by skate park, we decided it was time to leave Denton. Therefore, the not so Dallas comp in Denton, turned back into the Dallas comp as we headed south for the final spot, "Carolton Kink". Overall the comp was fun and a lot of crazy things went down. Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported and congratulations to Mason, John, and Russell for taking the top three spots.

Music: "Sin City" and "To the World" off of Kanye West's new production, Cruel Summer.

Panasonic Hvx200a
Canon t3i
Canon 60d

Edit by Kristian Payne
Photos by Jaysin Williams

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