In a small, almost forgotten corner of London is a small, almost forgotten office where four PAs and their four strange executives make life difficult for everyone!

Ben is PA to Stuart, head of finance. Stuart is stressed out and on the verge of a break down at every turn. Ben's efforts to keep Stuart on the rails means there’s little time for any actual work.

Jules is PA to Lydia, head of legal. She is a stern corporate woman whose life revolves around work, work and even more work. Jules struggles to juggle Lydia's personal problems with the actual job at hand. This provides more than enough exitement to fill the working day.

Colin is PA to Belinda, head of HR. She enjoys manipulating her hapless male counterparts with a balconette that enhances her most important feminine wiles. Colin tries to manage the aftermath of her antics but is worried that he’ll be fired for liking guys instead of Belinda.

Melissa is PA to Zack, the plain talking, cross-dressing head of Marketing. Zack is the ever present, all knowing presence in the office who outwardly doesn't seem to take much in (apart from which shade of nail varnish is hot), but inwardly sees, hears and remembers everything.

While the PAs struggle to keep their bosses looking like responsible adults, the board are plotting the closure of the London office, something which the PAs can't let happen. But to stop it, they have to raise their game and start making plans of their own!

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