Darrin Lee


How far can I push my luck?

I’ve paid the means through hardship and suffering, does that permit me to take advantage of it?

Handing over my passport to an Israeli soldier on the streets of Palestine after being stopped for openly filming and writing, with a Saudi visa enclosed nonetheless- is a serious thing.

Disposing of the Israeli paperwork and crossing back into Saudi with the footage and scripts in tow- is even sketchier… but I am peculiarly calm and carefree throughout all of it- the only emotion to speak of is curiosity.

Forbidden? Definitely. Wrong? Not in the least.

Wrong is millions of people imprisoned in mind, body and spirit- forbidden to have faith as they choose, forbidden to travel where they wish, forbidden to live in harmony with others who may have a different point of view.

Every single person deserves the freedom to follow destiny of their own design- but somehow mortal-men still wield immortal power, pipe dream manipulation and misdirection over populations of hopefuls through ancient texts of irrational rules. Massacring people because they were born different and may follow a contrasting fictional anecdote.

Given, I have no right to cast judgment on foreign politics and turmoil I have not lived through. Nor do I have any business publishing material arguing the existence or non-existence of one higher power or another… but neither does anyone else.

What I can say with absolutely certainty is not one person on their own can possess the responsibility or wisdom to maintain true virtue with the weight of a ‘Supreme Being’ and ‘holy’ misinterpretation on their backs. The most ‘holy’- are the most inhumane. The most sacred of places- are the most volatile. The people in power need to be disillusioned from these bedtime stories and be held directly accountable for their own actions. Stop killing people in the name of religion. Stop oppressing people with out of date, ancient rule. No more ‘god’s will’: the blood is on your hands.

Music: “How Can I Make You Remember Me?”

On Location:
Cave of the Patriarchs
Jerusalem Old and New City
West Bank

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