Agenda and reports:
EDA Agenda
Jump to: 0:30
1. Call to Order
2. Roll call
3. Approval of minutes
4. Approval of agenda
5. Reports
6. Old Busines
Jump to: 1:40
7. New Business
a. Preliminary Development Agreement between the EDA and 9920 Hotels LLC
8. Communications
9. Adjournment
City Council Agenda
Jump to: 4:45
1. Call to Order-roll call
Jump to: 5:20
2. Presentations
Jump to: 5:22
a. 2012 Evergreen Awards
Jump to: 10:40
b. Recognition for Mike Dobesh's 14 Years of Service
3. Approval of minutes
4. Approval of agenda
5. Boards and Commissions-none
6. Public Hearings
Jump to: 15:35
a. Breck School-Public Hearing and Final Bond Resolution-Issuance of Private Activity Revenue Note
7. Requests, Petitions & Communications from the public-none
8. Resolutions, Ordinances, Motions and Discussion Items
Jump to: 22:50
a. Authorize and Award Sale of G.O. Taxable Bonds for Greensboro Square
Jump to: 26:48
b. First Reading-Zoning Ordinance Amendment Regulating Outdoor Lighting
Jump to: 59:33
9. Communications

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